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I’ve been tagged!

taggedI’ve been tagged for my first ever MeMe…which I’m not thoroughly certain I understand, but I am going to go with the “Rules”

The Rules are simple:

Step #1 – Link to the person who tagged you.

Pfffffffffffftttttttttt this is a HUGE pleasure…and an honor that she tagged me…so thank you Not a Mean Girl! (clicky on her name for the link!…you will love her blog!)

Step #2 – Write Five Fun/Interesting Facts about your self


1.  I have saved two lives…both from drowning…the first was a six year old girl who got caught in  one of those plastic inflatable doughnut things with the leg holes in them… when it turned over, leaving her immersed upside down in the pool. The second was an adult male friend of mine that I took to the ocean…he could only passably swim (I found out after the fact) and had NEVER swam in an Ocean before…he got caught in a riptide and swept off shore…I had to get him back in and through the riptide while he thrashed about the entire time.  Oh and did I mention he was 6’3″ and I am 5’2″…thank god I am a VERY strong swimmer!

2.  I used to impersonate Marilyn Monroe…it started out as a Halloween dare…and soooo many people loved it…they kept asking me to do her for contests and such.  I kept winning and ended up impersonating her for about 3 years…yes I have pics HERE

3.  The most fun job I ever had was working as a Balloon Delivery Clown….I got to dress up as a Clown…Honey Bear or various other Characters and go sing songs and deliver balloons to a WIDE variety of people…IT WAS A BLAST!!!!  Two things I learned…LOTS of kids DON’T like Clowns…and business men will tip you ANYTHING if you promise to only leave the balloons and NOT sing! hahahaha FAT CHANCE! I ALWAYS opted to sing…hey that’s what I was being paid for! *grin*

4.  I have had two life long dreams…the first is to someday own a B&B…I have had the good fortune of running two and know in my heart of hearts it will happen and it is what I should be doing…it speaks to every aspect of my personality and my soul.  Dream two is to someday sing Jazz and Blues in small venues.  I have a beautiful voice and have won awards for singing…performed on stage and in competitions…but my ultimate dream is to sing in small clubs and coffee houses….I don’t even care if I get paid…I just want to sing!

5.  I once facilitated the funding for a Habitat for Humanity House.  I was watching the Oprah show one day and she posted the locations for a bunch of Habitat Houses her Angel Network was looking to have funded.At the time, I happened to be working for people who were in a position to be able to fund the house…so I made the connections and the house was built!

*Big Sigh*  That was NOT easy but it WAS fun!

Step #3 – Tag Six Other People and link to their blogs. Then let them know you’ve tagged them by twittering/Plurking them or leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are my six People and their Blogs! (click on their names for the links to their blogs or go to my blog roll)

1. It is an absolute pleasure to link this first person Soren …his blog, without fail, informs and many times challenges me to look and strive beyond what is…to what could be.

2. Wow another favorite…this woman has a beautiful soul and she shares it so eloquently in her own words.  Thank you Isis

3. This blog is a wonderful fun read…well worth the skip on over to say hello to Jeffrey

4.  I love reading this blog…it’s written by a really wonderful person…who just happens to kick ass! Yeah I said it! So thank you for all your great posts Devyl Gyrl keep em coming!

5.  This blog is bent more toward the technical side of life…and doesn’t begin to reveal the AMAZING woman behind the blog…my fondest wish is that she start another more personal life blog…if she does…WATCH out world! She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever known…drop by and say hi to Twila Marie

6.  This blog is the beautiful journey of a woman who is a slave…leave your pre-conceived notions aside and read!!! It’s an amazing journey…thank you for sharing it with us Aislinn


5 responses

  1. Yeaaaah!!!! I’m so glad you played along! I’m so impressed with your 5 things!!!! You are truly a multidimensional woman!

    November 14, 2008 at 11:33 pm

  2. You life saver you, you know for some reason that does not surprise me at all. You have had some interesting things happen in your life. You’ll get your B&B, just keep on working toward it. I’ll check out the blogs you listed, and find out whats going on with them.

    November 15, 2008 at 4:20 pm

  3. I am humbled by your 5 items!! I would LOVE to hear you sing someday!!

    November 15, 2008 at 9:18 pm

  4. The pleasure is mine beautiful! Thank you for the honor!

    November 15, 2008 at 11:01 pm

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