The one less traveled…


I hold pain

This is certainly not what I had thought I’d post for my first real blog entry here, but it is what it is.

I’ve been walking around for a few days now feeling out-of-sorts…in general…just down. I fight being in this place because I know historically what that means for me…and it’s not good…so here I am…tired…down and exhausted from the struggle to stay positive.

I woke up this morning with this phrase dancing round my brain “I hold pain”. So I’m going with it. I hold pain inside my body…I hold pain inside my heart…I hold pain inside my mind and I hold pain inside my soul.

I don’t like that I hold pain…but I own it. Merely saying I own it isn’t enough though….it’s like “owning” it just makes it a stagnant thing…and I need and crave fluidity. I want to progress, move on, learn….flow.

So here I sit thinking of ways to put motion to inertia…that I may feel the breath of positive thought and life once again…but this pain keeps wrapping it’s tentacles round me…leaving me motionless and sad.

I breathe in and think “I can do this” , I exhale and try to release. I breathe in and think “I’m worthy”, I exhale and try to believe. I breathe in and think “All is well”, I exhale and try to feel the flow.

Release, release, release…please Justene…just release…for this moment…for this day…just release…let it all go…surrender the pain…detoxify.

I’m leaving this as is…my life is a work in progress…deal with it


Love in the Season of Apple Picking

Love in the Season of Apple Picking
I wrote this piece this past October…it was inspired by the most enchanting encounter with this lovely child.
Have a wonderful day!
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My soul would not retract

My soul would not retract



is it ounces


is it


is it drams

what I knew yesterday

I know not


the measure

of love

we touch

the void

and return changed


this exchange

I’m lifted


there lies no




may we

be given

to share


the beauty

Embers and Ashes

Embers and Ashes

Intense heat

the synthesis

Flame and energy

raised impressions

scarred skin

tattooed eternal

soul lay bare

not there

warm embers

pleasure and pain

cool ashes

smudges on

a wet cheek

promises eternal

immortal claims

an expiration date


not demanding

departure in haste


deep dark contusion

emotional state

march of time

clarify the mind

flow on

embrace the divine



There was a space…some time ago

where pain came to stay

It woke with me in the morning

and slept with me at night

It pierced my heart and soul

with anguish unbearable

it was my constant

Then one day there came a whisper

from within

Pain had become too much for

my heart and soul

and so they chose to sleep

They built a fortress

as high as heaven

and as wide as the universe

so nothing could get in

And so my body carried them

entombed within

I became a somnambulate

of my heart and soul

Many seasons soon passed

and there in they lay

resting without Pain

untouched by all

One day as I went about my life

another heart and soul called out to mine

I took no heed

as this would surely go unnoticed

To my great wonder

a shift occurred…at first it was a slip

and then to my surprise

the walls fell all around

Heart and Soul awoke

and were indeed free of Pain

The world did spin and the universe opened up

And heart and soul danced

They reached out and touched the void

and came back full of love

Oh the wonder and beauty of it

the careless, weightless abandon

of a heart and soul full of love

So when I turned to thank the soul

that had pierced through my facade

What I found shook me further still

It was my own reflection

I had learned to love myself

and unlock my heart and soul

free to roam the universe

free from Pain.

The Well

The Well

I took a walk at twilight

night sky ascending to a full moon

stars softly glimmered in distant hues of blue

Strolling past a copse of trees
I recalled a secret well
so in I slipped through verdant wood
that drew me closer still
Once upon the well
I leaned to drop a pebble
into it’s deep recess
and waited for it’s reply

I thought I heard a whisper
an offer of it’s elixir
a cool and calming drink

As I finished the last sip
my paradigm began to shift
slowly I succumbed to sleep

and so began the dream…

The tones that arose from the well
leaned close and and spoke
in a voice of clear pure light

It revealed to me the ages
times past and yet to come

My soul began to blossom out
to the spirit’s dulcet tones
it beckoned me to take it’s hand
and join it in it’s flight

Oh what wondrous journey
what beauty to behold
and all the time
the voice relayed
it’s tale of ancient tome

Hours swiftly passed
in ecstasy and delight
as time moved beyond midnight
and morning began it’s flight

I woke next to the well
pieces of dream still clung to my skin
cosmos in my hair
stardust in my eyes

with soul wide open

The Cosmic Swing

The Cosmic Swing

Today I swung upon the earth
tilting to and fro
hair floating in
weightless beauty
catching stardust
and cosmic glow

I held tight
to ropes of stars
and rode higher
and higher still
through the blue vault

of heaven touching
Moon Beams and Astral frill

Such wonders
did I spy
baby stars in
angel dust
cradled lovingly
in the cosmos
generated by solar luxe

The moon, the sun
and creation
yet unseen
and all
this I did
upon my
cosmic swing

Imagine a Woman

Imagine a Woman
By: Patricia Lynne Reilly
I dedicate this to ALL the women who have graced and blessed my life.
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